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Questions and answers

Is it difficult to learn?

No, it is not particularly difficult. Basically it is just a case of getting used to the interaction method. We do have a lot of training videos online that can help you get started and to help you excel.

A detail that makes the EyeMobile easier to learn is the fact that it supports eye gaze and touch interaction at the time. This means that your caregiver or family member can help out in case assistance is needed.

Will it hurt my eyes?

No, but from the start your eyes might get a bit tired, because most people tend to strain themselves from ”trying too hard”. Just like with any other exercise, this will soon go away as you get more familiar and relaxed.

Is it dangerous for my eyes?

No, the light that is being emitted from the illuminators is so weak that there is no danger at all.

How are updates handled?

The Tobii PCeye Go, the eye tracker that is used in EyeMobile, comes with a software called ”Update notifier”. This software goes online and checks for updates and installs them for you, should you wish. This keeps your system up to date at all times (as long as you have an internet connection.)

Does the PCeye Go or EyeMobile work on a Mac?

Both yes and no. You can’t control the Mac OS or any mac applications. However, if you run Windows in a virtualization program such as Parallells or Bootcamp, you can use the EyeMobile/PCeye Go to control that environment.

Is there any funding for PCEye Go or EyeMobile?

At this point in time the EyeMobile is not funded by Medicare or Medicaid. We can recommend setting up a crowd funding campaign to help you raise money.

How will eye tracking change my life?

It is difficult to say, because it depends on your situation, abilities, support etc. but what many of our users come back to us and say is that it gives them more privacy and greater independence. With the EyeMobile you will be able to stay in touch with friends and family, surf the web, watch movies, paint, write poems, do research on your disability etc. more on your own term and without having to rely on a caregiver or family member to help you out.

With the PCeye Go and EyeMobile you also have greater possibilities of getting back to work, which can have a positive effect on your social life and your personal finances.

How does eye tracking work?

On a very high level eye tracking works like this:

  • Light is cast from the illuminators on the eye tracker
  • The light hits your eyes and gets reflected back to the eye tracker
  • There is a camera (or in Tobii’s case, two cameras) that sees these reflections
  • Through a whole lot of filtering and math the eye tracking software knows where you are looking on the screen.

How do you click?

There are different ways of clicking

  • Dwell click is one of the most common way. You fixate your gaze where you want to click for a predefined period of time and when that time is up you make a click
  • Blink, it is possible to blink in order to click, but this is not a very effective way of clicking
  • If you have movement in your neck, a finger or other limb you can use a switch to make a click. This can be a really fast way of interacting with the computer
  • In Tobii Gaze Selection you use a two step process where you first look at the command you want to perform, for example click, and then you look at the object you want to apply the command to, for example a url.

What if the device doesn't work for me?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases. Please read more here.

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